How to Apply

Recruitment Procedure for Candidates

The recruitment process usually has several stages from the date an applicant send his/her CV to the date he/she leaves the country.
The stages are as follows:
1. Applicant views the job description and if interested he/she sends the required documents (usually Cv and full photo )
2. The CV is received and sends to the employer for perusal and short listing.
3. After the client shortlist the applicant he feels are worth to interview he will notify us and we notify the applicant.
4. We then call the applicant for a pre-interview.
5. After the pre-interview we notify the applicant about the interview date, venue and time.
6. If an applicant comes and pass the interview, he/she will receive a letter of appointment which is supposed to be signed and send back to the client.
7. After signing the letter of appointment the applicant will the go for a medical test.
8. If the applicant passes the medical test we send the same to the employer and scan of the immigration passport for the purpose of visa processing.
9. Then we wait for the visa to be processed and send to us.
10. We then contact the applicant to come and pick the travelling visa.